Mini pen cctv camera voice video camcorder hidden spy pen camera hd 1080p

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Basic Operation

Please insert Micro SD Card firstly(Please format SD Card on computer), Next long press ON/OFF button to power on, orange indicator light and blue indicator light turn on mealtime, next blue indicator light turns off at once and orange indicator light keeps on (Note: orange indicator means that device keeps on standby).

On standby mode, hold down the ON/OFF button about 2-3s and then let go(Note: please don’t hold down it more than 4s, if the yellow indicator light turns off directly, which means device turns off), next blue indicator light flashes 3 times and turns off, next the device starts recording (10minutes/files).


2.Stop Record:
On record mode: Short press the ON/OFF button, next to the yellow light keeps on, videos are saved successfully, and the device is on standby again.


On standby: Short press the ON/OFF button once, blue light flashes once and save a photo, the next device is on standby mode again.


4.Power Off
Long press the ON/OFF button for 5s, the device stops working and all indicator lights turn off, device powers off.


1)Connect with Computer USB Port.
2)Connect with 5V USB Charger (Recommend).

6.Used as a WEB Camera
Please don’t insert Micro SD Card into the device and directly connect with the computer USB port.

7.Modify Time
Please insert Micro SD card into the device and let the device work for serval minutes, next auto-generated a file named “user-config” in the Micro SD Card root directory.
Content: 2015-01-01 00;00:00 year-month-day hour/minute/second (24hours system)


1. Take Video, Snapshot, Used as WEB Camera
2. Video Resolution: 1920×1080 @30fps
3. Photo Resolution: 2560×1440
4. Working Time: 90-120 minutes for a full charge
5. High-Speed USB 2.0 port


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